About us

S.C. "Cuiul" S.R.L. registered with the Register of Commerce Targu Neamt with No J27 / 1037 / 1991 - set forth with an 18,260 RON capital. The company registered office is in Tg. Neamt, Str. Ion Creanga, No 111A, County of Neamt, Romania.


The company is licensed by the environmental protection authority.


The company operates with 58 employees, of which five with tertiary technical education and 18 with secondary technical education.

All the operating employees are trained in specific vocational schools and proved industrial experience.


The company carries out the operations in production areas equipped with machinery and equipment for the production of:

  • wire drawing
  • nails – different sizes
  • wire braid
  • barbed wire
  • farming tools
  • welded net

The production unit is equipped with its own central heating unit, and connected to utilities (water, power, phone / fax).

The company has its own inner transport facilities appropriate to needs (electric runabouts, stackers, and trucks). For transport exceeding the company means, we hire services provided by specialised operators.

Maintenance is provided by the company maintenance and repairs team and the mechanical-energetic workshop; whenever repairs require special equipment, the company hires such services.

The company is also equipped by computing and IT technique necessary for bookkeeping and stock control.

Working environment

The manufacturing process does not require a special working environment.

Hazard-free working conditions are secured for the personnel as well as working and protective equipment in compliance with legal standards, antidote food, lighting and heating conditions during cold weather.

Organisational structure

The company management is organised on three levels (managers, executive director, head of sections and compartments), as we aim at making decisions as closer as possible to the operational site.